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Benefits of Tuina Acupressure Massage

August 19th 2020

Did you know that stress buildup can weaken your immune system? That's why most people are in a bid to seek an alternative to modern medication. It's a beautiful chance to unearth and treat the condition's root rather than masking the condition. Massage therapy is one of the go-to medication that people seek. If you seek the best massage therapy, Kamloops, then BlueWhite health clinic is your one-stop destination to get all professional services. Most people are familiar with western massage techniques such as deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, and prenatal massage. However, are you familiar with Tuina therapy? It's a Chinese massage technique that focuses beyond the muscles, bone, and joints.  Here are the fantastic benefits that Tui Na acupressure massage has over other types of massages.

  1. Treat pain and injuries

Acupressure therapy is a gentle treatment form that hardly exerts excess pressure on any part of your body. Thus, it leads to treating injuries and pain effectively. When you are in the hands of our skilled acupressure practitioner, you can relax and feel the pain floating away. Our experts can redirect energy flow in various parts of your body. Therefore, the body gets to heal faster while reducing pain sensation rapidly. It's also an effective treatment for any older adult who wants to rid of annoying pain within their body joints.  

  1. Treat arthritis

Arthritis is often a result of too much dampness or yin within the body. Tui Na massage comes in handy as it's a process that balances the yin and yang aspects within the body. The massage often helps one to have heat within their body increased while reducing the cold. It’s also helpful in fascia softening as in results in relived pain within the joints.

  1. Irritable bowel syndrome

Did you know that IBS can be irritated by stress? It can thus result in physical symptoms of diarrhea or constipation. If you are experiencing IBS, you need to try Tui Na massage therapy. It's often a combination of acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal treatment. The fascinating beauty of this form of therapy is that it assists energetically and holistically hence making it an excellent option for IBS. Our therapist is dedicated to exerting pressure on the pressure points related to the colon. Thus, it assists in balancing the vital life force in the body organ. Our therapist also works dedicatedly to reduce abundant energy in cases of diarrhea. While in cases of constipation, the bodyworker aims at increasing the low energy. With piled-up body stress, one can quickly get IBS. That's why the massage aids in minimizing stress as one finds balance within their colon.

  1. Relieve Headaches

Over time the nervous tension and stress can result in occasional headaches that hardly go away. Taking regular pain killers doesn't cut it as your body might quickly build resistance against the drugs. It's time to try something new with Tui Na acupressure therapy. Headaches might often occur as a result of excess energy within one's head, resulting in an imbalance. With Tui Na massage, you can get to enjoy energy circulation and thus enjoy a more significant relief of your headaches.

  1. Sciatica

Here’s a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve sending impulses from the low back. It could also go all the way to the lower legs. Sciatica gets caused by blocked energy around the sciatic nerve. Once you try Tui Na massage, you can have the neuromuscular condition eased. The massage softens the connective tissues around the nerves and also aids in muscle relaxation. It also aids in providing efficient blood flow within the nerves. However, you need to know that the treatment is only useful in relieving pain and not dealing with the problem's structural cause.

  1. Mood disorders and stress

Did you know that improper balance of the body chemicals often results in mood changes? That's not all improper energy flow within the body also alters one's moods. Therefore, you have to discover and implement an effective way to deal with mood disorders. Acupressure is an effective way to treat the imbalance and ensure that the body chemicals and energy are corrected. It's a chance to cut down on addictive antidepressants. Choosing traditional medication is highly effective in dealing with mood disorders and stress.


Here is how Tuina massage is different from other massages

Are you still unsure if Tui Na massage is quite different from other forms of massage? First, Tui Na gets based on Chinese medicine, which isn't the case for western massage therapy medication. 

Second, Tui Na massage is more than a massage therapy that focuses on the joints, bones, and muscles. Its work goes deeper into the body on the energetic level. The practitioners often focus on sensing their client’s energy within their hands. Thus, they can get to affect energy flow as well as distribution during the therapy session.

Thirdly, Tui Na massage gets used with other TCM therapies. It often includes acupuncture, Moxibustion, cupping, and Chinese herbal remedies that offer holistic body treatment to their clients. 

Fourthly, Tui Na massage often gets practiced when the clients are fully clothed. Thus, you need to wear loose and comfortable clothes for your therapy sessions. It'll enable the practitioner to move through your joints effortlessly in a full range of motion. You also need to know that massage oil only gets used on the neck, hands, and feet.

The beauty of trying Tuina therapy is that you are holistic treatment. It focuses on your spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. After a session, you get assured of proper physiological and emotional balance restoration. It's also a chance to block out the body's bad habits, negative tension, and poor health.  


If you are seeking to address the body's disharmony, you need to think of Tuina therapy. Find the best massage therapy Kamloops within your clinic facility. Contact us to learn more about our services. You can also book your appointment today and experience the extraordinary transformation of your body with traditional Chinese medicine. 

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