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Benefits of Herbal Medicine

September 25th 2020

BlueWhite Health, based in Kamloops, BC, provides a range of acupuncture and herbal medicine services including acupuncture, Tui-na Massage, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), reflexology, auricular points, and cupping.

Our team are registered acupuncturists, TCM herbalists, TCM practitioners and doctors of TCM.

Here at BlueWhite Health, we pride ourselves in practising in traditional Chinese herbal medicines, which dates back over 23 centuries and seeks to prevent and heal diseases by balancing and restoring a person’s yinyang, or Qi. If a person’s Qi is imbalanced, it can cause disease or illness.

The types of Chinese herbs include raw loose herbs, pre-packaged formulated pills, and concentrated powder. TCM practitioners mostly use concentrated powder as it is the most convenient and holds several advantages to other herbs. Concentrated powders are easy to prepare and convenient to carry around. At BlueWhite Health, we customize each package individually compared to other pre-packaged standard formulated pills. Using only the top, premium ingredients, our products meet all of Health Canada’s standards.

Chinese herbal medicines are beneficial in treating a range of health ailments, including:

• colds and flu
• headaches and migraines
• asthma
• seasonal allergies
• rhinitis
• chronic gastritis
• digestive disorders, abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea
• insomnia
• depression and anxiety
• women’s health, such as menstrual disorders, endometriosis, infertility, menopause, and weight loss

Additionally, herbal medicines can also help increase energy, improve breathing, and help you sleep better.

If you are interested in Chinese herbal medicines, they are particularly helpful if you have not responded to acupuncture treatments, you’ve tried conventional methods of treatments or you want to decrease side effects associated with traditional medications.

Taking any TCM’s may also require changes in your diet. Your practitioner may tell you to avoid things like spicy foods and alcohol as food is said to either heat or cool the constitution. As such, making any dietary changes will only improve the effects of Chinese herbal medicines.

That being said, these medicines can work just as powerful as pharmaceuticals; some of the herbs can be toxic in high doses, which means you should only take the herbs that are prescribed to you by your specialist.

In addition to the range of illnesses and diseases TCM treats, the herbal medicines help the body heal naturally, and helps the organs function better in addition to improving overall health, establishing better functioning of the organs and overall health. While also preventing any future illness or disease, TCM also has fewer side effects, is affordable compared to traditional prescription drugs and helps the body’s natural detoxification process by restoring balance to the digestive organs.

BlueWhite Health is Kamloops’ go-to Chinese herbal medicine specialist where we will introduce your safe herbal medicines, evidence-based treatment modalities with effective and long-lasting health benefits.

When you make an appointment with us, after your initial session and consultation we will determine when you should come back next and how often you should return. This will vary depending on how your body is healing and progressing.

To learn more about the benefits of Chinese herbal medicines, contact us today by phone or email to book an appointment.

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