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Acupuncture for Headaches and Migraines

March 19th 2021

For those who suffer from migraines and headaches regularly, daily life can be a struggle. At BlueWhite Health in Kamloops, our acupuncture services can provide relief. If you’ve tried conventional treatments and are still suffering, we can provide alternatives that provide temporary, non-medicinal relief.


Your body can heal itself naturally and acupuncture may help by activating pathways in the brain that work to turn pain off and trigger healing. Whether you are suffering from migraines or other types of headaches, BlueWhite Health's acupuncture treatments are effective therapy options to help alleviate pain.


How does it work?


Acupuncture increases energy flow, decreases inflammation, and removes toxins within the body.

It is an ancient technique that involves using super-thin needles on specific points of the body. The needles used in acupuncture are made from thin metal, only slightly thicker than human hair, which is coated with a soft, thin tissue. These needles are inserted through the skin and into the body through a small incision. When the nerve endings are stimulated, pain is reduced. The nerves are stimulated by the light that passes through the tiny holes. The light then passes through the tissue and is then absorbed, triggering the nerves. These treatments do not cause side effects so you can have confidence that acupuncture is a worry-free alternative approach to pain relief and is the reason why so many people choose to try it.


Acupuncture is an element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The core of TCM is to treat the cause of the condition rather than simply treating symptoms. TCM has been used for thousands of years to effectively treat a wide range of conditions and illnesses.


Our acupuncture treatments can often provide temporary relief from headaches. The number of sessions needed at our Kamloops clinic will be different for everyone. If you have had this condition for a longer period, there may be more sessions needed.


Does acupuncture reduce the frequency of headaches?


It can. Many headaches and migraine sufferers have found that regular acupuncture reduces the frequency of pain significantly. They also report fewer side effects than occur with conventional drug treatments.


If you’re suffering and looking for safe, drug-free relief, reach out to an acupuncture practitioner at BlueWhite Health. We can help. At BlueWhite Health, it is our mission to provide comprehensive care to restore your health and balance.


BlueWhite is focused on relieving that stress from our patients, both physically and mentally. Often, we don't realize the many ways their conditions can be helped by traditional Chinese medicine.

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